Meat dishes

Liver a la Coussicca 200g - 21,80 € (G, L)

Fried liver served in a creamy sauce of ham, onion and red wine, lingonberry jam and wedged potatoes. Served on a cast iron pan.

- Classic dish over 30 years -


Pork Cutlet of the House 200g - 21,70 € (L)

Ever since 1970, the battered “super cutlet” of the House with lemon and french fries. Extra sauce 2 €

- Classic dish over 50 years -


Blue Cheese Pork 200g - 22,90 € (G.L)

Grilled pork escalope, blue cheese sauce, wedged potatoes

Minute steak a la Coussicca 180g - 23,20 € (L,M)

Thinly cut leaf beefsteak with the Bearnaise sauce of the House (cold sauce) and served with fries.

- Classic dish over 30 years -

Hunter´s minute steak 180g - 23,40 € (G, L)

Thinly cut leaf beefsteak with creamy forest mushroom sauce, served with fries

- Classic dish over 30 years -


Casserole of the House 200g - 22,90 € (G, L)

Fillet strips of beef served in a creamy ham and onion sauce, served with rice (with or without garlic).

- Classic dish over 30 years -


Filled minute steak 180g - 26,50 € (G, L)

Thinly cut leaf steak filled with Emmental and

Aura cheese. Served with wedged potatoes.

Choose red wine- or creamy mushroom sauce


Fillet steak with goat cheese 200g - 34,30 € (G, VL)
Dark rosemary sauce, wedged potatoes


Fillet steak with jumbo Shrimps 200g - 35,00 € (G,L)

served with red wine sauce and creamed potatoes


Tenderloin set 120g 31,30€ / 240g 38,30€ (L)

Fillet steak(s), pepper- and bearnaise sauce of the House, creamed potatoes


Blue cheese Steak - 33,90 € (G, L)

Fillet steak with blue cheece-sauce and cream blue cheese potatoes


Fillet of Lamb 180g - 29,90 € (G, L)

Fried fillet of lamb, slightly sweet red wine and rosemary sauce, garlic butter and creamed potatoes


Steak on a plank 200g - 33,30 € (G, L)

Fillet steak of the House served on a redbeech plank with potato purée au gratin, cheese-topped tomato and herb butter.

- Classic dish over 30 years -


Pepper Steak 200g - 34,30 € (L)

Our traditional fillet steak in a creamy pepper sauce and fries. (You can also have our cheese and onion salad with this meal)

- Classic dish over 30 years -


All of the main dishes include a salad or soup of the day as a starter

You can have a smaller version (120g) of all the fillet steaks, 3 € will be taken of the price. 

Extra charge of 2 € when changing for creamy garlig-, blue cheese-, or cream potatoes.

Extra sauce or flavored butter, extra vegetables, extra salad 2 €

G: gluten free
L: lactose free
VL: low lactose free
M: milkless