Creamy Mushroom Soup - 10,40 € (G, L)

Soup with seasonal mushrooms flavored with Madeira

- Classic dish over 30 years -

Escargot a la Coussicca - 10,90 € (G, L)

Snails simmered in garlig butter and topped with Aura-gratin

- Classic dish over 30 years -


Escargot with goat cheese - 10,90 € (G, VL)

Snails simmered in herb butter and topped with goat cheese


Chili Jumbo Shrimps - 12,50€ (G, L)

Jumbo shrimps simmered in garlic and chili butter


Fried goat cheese - 10,40€ (G, VL)

Goat cheese, honey, bell pepper jam and walnuts


all appetizer are served with bread.

G: gluten free
L: lactose free
VL: low lactose free
M: milkless