Fish and Chicken dishes

Salmon and Jumbo Shrimp salad - 19,60€

salad with warm Jumbo Shrimp and cold smoked salmon, warm vegetables, aioli and horseradish dressing


Salmon à la Coussicca - 21,80 € (G, L)
Glow fried sea salmon with creamy mushroom sauce and potato purée au gratin.

Pike-perch - 23,40 € (G, L)

Pan fried pike-perch with served with spinach and feta sauce, baked potato.


White fish - 23,40€

Pan fried white fish served with creamy tar sauce and glow fried potato mash


Fisherman´s Dream - 24,40 € (G, L)

Fish platter with fillets of salmon and pike-perch on a bed of root vegetables. Jumbo shrimps with aioli and oven baked potato.


Chicken Salad - 18,80 € (G,L)

salad with chicken fillet gratinated with blue and cream cheese, warm vegetables, house dressing and herb oil


Chicken Speciality of the House - 19,60 € (G, L)

Strips of chicken fillet simmered in a creamy mushroom sauce. Topped with cheese and served with rice.


Chicken with feta - 17,20 € (G, L)

Fillet of chicken with feta and spinach sauce served with rice.


Extra charge when changing potatoes 2,00


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