Fish and Chicken dishes

Fish dishes


Cold smoked salmon salad - 23,90 € (G, L)

Cold smoked salmon and crayfish tails, served with a fresh salad and lime-caper yogurt sauce

Salmon à la Coussicca - 24,40 € (G, L)

Grilled sea salmon with creamy

mushroom sauce and grilled potato mash.

- Classic dish over 30 years -


Pike-perch - 25,40 € (G, L)

Pan fried pike-perch with lime-caper yogurt sauce

and baked potato with herb butter


Balsamico salmon and shrimps - 26,90 € (G, L)

Fried salmon and king prawns,

dark balsamic sauce and aioli,

baked potato with herb butter (dairy-free on request).


Chicken dishes


Chicken Salad - 20,80 € (G, LL)

Salad with chicken fillet, goat cheese, bell pepper jam and balsamico-syrup

Chicken Speciality of the House - 21,50 € (G, L)

Strips of chicken fillet simmered in a creamy mushroom sauce. Gratinated with cheese and served with rice.


Chicken with tarragon butter - 21,90 € (G, M)

Fillet of chicken and tarragon butter,

with red wine-sauce, served with rice.


Extra charge when changing potatoes 2,00

G: gluten free
L: lactose free
LL: low lactose free
M: milkless